My name is Nick Sotiriadis, 33, from Greece.

My knowledge in the industry is -but not limited to- the following:

3d modeling – I am using Rhinoceros 3d so far for my models, although I have used 3d studio in the past. I specialize in non-organic industrial modeling.

3d texturing – Perfect knowledge of photoshop has helped me materialize my 3d models and bring them to life.

3d rendering – Always learning, tried several renderers (Brazil, Maxwell) and always choose the one that is optimized for each project.

Compositing – Strong knowledge of After Effects combined with 3d skills leads to incredible results.

Web design – Inside-out knowledge of HTML, CSS, good knowledge and understanding of PHP, MySQL, Flash Actionscript, perfected by absolute Photoshop knowledge.

Deep technical knowledge of PC components, excellent use of DOS, Windows, Office.

Degree in Radiology with “very good” (7.9/10) score.
Holder of the “Cambridge First Certificate”.

I have participated in many big projects, I have been awarded for my web designs back in 2002 and 2004 by the Pepin Press in the web design index. I have also been awarded the “professional award” in, the “winner award” in and have become frontpage in,,

You can download my resumé here. (updated on 11/04/2013)