Welcome to the Mars Rover project; a one-in-a-lifetime project. After 5 years in the making (on and off, actual working time was about 3 years), 3 computer upgrades, a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of frustration and hundreds cups of coffee, the project is about to be finished. This page is dedicated to all the people involved in the making of the actual rover, who inspired me with their enthusiasm about this project, along with all the fans of the rovers. This project is dedicated to Neli.

For the people not familiar with the mars rovers project, it’s NASA’s launch of a pair of almost identical unmanned geologist robots towards mars in search of water. Both of these exploration rovers successfully landed on mars, sending valuable information back to earth. The names of the two rovers are Spirit and Opportunity, the model depicted here is Spirit but the differences between the two models are only significant to professionals and hardcore fans. They both exceeded NASA’s predictions of their life expectancy, but unfortunately Spirit ‘died’ on mars after its 6-year adventure, while Opportunity still goes on.

Since there are a lot of images in this section, it will be divided in 3 pages, so don’t forget to see the rest of the pages! Keep in mind that the zoomed images that load after you click (…or touch) are huge in size, so be patient until they load!

mars rover 3d rover-night

mars rover 3d model spirit-ultra-res-night

mars rover 3d model rover-retro

mars rover 3d model spirit-1

mars rover 3d model spirit-3

mars rover 3d model spirit-ultra-res

mars rover 3d model spirit-top

mars rover 3d model spirit-2

mars rover 3d mars-rover-rear-new

mars rover 3d model mars-integration

mars rover 3d model hazcams

mars rover 3d model hazcams-wire

Want to buy this model?

Available in 1 version

  • rhino5+ version(.3dm)

    After giving it a lot of thought I decided to put the Mars Rover for sale. This will be one-sale only and rights will be given. The cost is 15.000€ and no discount applies is currently 75% off! For more information, please contact me.

    Specific versions of rhino + renderer are required | Big file size | Requires great amounts of CPU power and Ram


Comments on Mars Rover Project

  1. ncc1701d

    Super Work!! What was the final computer system requirements you needed? How were you able to support yourself during such a long committement? I am extremely inspired by your work. I have been working on other unmanned spacecraft models using powernurbs/max and it is taking me years. The details within details and trying to get proportions accurate is challenging and driving me insane. Advice you can give?

    1. scooterlord

      Thanks for your kind words and really glad that I am part of your inspiration!

      I started the project using a Dual Core e6750 w/ 2gb ram, switched to a quad core q9550 w/6gb ram and when this pc struggled I switched to an 8-core i7 960 w/12gb ram which could barely handle the file. I always worked the project in pieces and it was very hard to manipulate; the great object numbers led to duplicates, accidentally deleted surfaces, etc.

      At first it it began like a fun project to fill my spare time; however, when I got my hands to new reference material I got very obsessed with it, and once I started re-modeling things, I was almost unhappy because of lack of reference. I stayed awake many nights, it was really tough, so I can’t sugar-coat the situation for you. It will be tough.

      As for the proportions, first of all find as many reference photos you can; From an angled view, you might not be able to get the width right, but you could get the height 😉 eg, the height of a circle – that will also be its diameter. I was using photoshop to open reference photos and using a known-dimension, I resized it so that it matched an unknown dimension of a part and by using the difference ratio I managed to guess dimensions. I was very thorough, so everything turned out quite accurate since many parts created from irrelevant reference photos ended up in their correct dimensions by using ratios from both references.

      So, needless to say, from a point and on, it was 10 hours of looking at reference photos and 10 minutes of modeling.

      I hope this information helps, if you need anything else, contact me via email.

    1. scooterlord

      Hello, thanks for your comment! Probably not, but if I had any serious offers I might consider it.

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